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A teacher and a young student sitting at a round table giving each other a high-five.

Whether you’re in need of childcare, yard work, a driver, or a personal assistant, there are a multitude of ways to recruit students for your home-based jobs.

Recruiting & Services for Independent Employers

Here at UC Berkeley, the Handshake job board is reserved for posting early professional and pre-professional jobs and internships. However, for independent employers, there are many other options for posting domestic and miscellaneous employment opportunities. To support your efforts, we’ve provided the following list of popular online platforms and service providers.

*Please note: This list is not exhaustive and is provided only as a courtesy and as an example of available alternative resources. Inclusion in this section is not an endorsement or recommendation by Berkeley Career Engagement or the University of California, Berkeley. Carefully evaluate all entities presented on this page and confirm that they are suitable for your needs before entering into any agreements.

External Job Boards & Service Providers