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Invest in the Best

At Berkeley, a world-class education extends beyond the scope of the classroom. As future leaders in the global workforce, how can our students transform their talents into marketable experiences?

Our belief is that the hallmark of a great education is not only scholarly accomplishment but the ability to effect change. We offer students the opportunity to leave Berkeley with every tool they need to negotiate the world of work confidently and to step into the future prepared to turn career aspirations into reality. Invest in building tomorrow’s workforce by becoming involved in the following giving opportunities.

Berkeley Career Engagement Annual Fund

Donate to the Berkeley Career Engagement
Annual Fund

A great education does not simply occur in the classroom. Berkeley Career Engagement is the campus hub of career-building opportunities and a conduit to the employer community. We serve first year students through PhDs, ensuring that our scholars of today are also the career-ready leaders of tomorrow. Your gift will help preserve our services for all Cal students.

The Externship Program Stipend Fund

Donate to The Externship Program
Stipend Fund

Today, it is not enough to give students a world-class education. Success requires preparing them for the real world, with the skills, expertise, and connections to hit the ground running. This means going beyond the classroom to help students experience the day-to-day activities of work life.

Over one-third of Cal students come from families with an annual income of under $45,000 per year. More lower-income students attend the university than all eight Ivy League institutions combined. Providing full access to these needy students is a foundation of the Berkeley Experience and an essential part of our Externship Program. The Externship Program Stipend fund enables these deserving students to participate in this special experiential learning opportunity. As the Cal Externship Program continues to grow, your gifts will make students’ real-world education possible.

How to get involved with the Cal Externship Program

You must be a UC Berkeley alum to participate in the Externship Program. View the UC Berkeley Job Shadowing Externship Program Video to learn how you can get started.

If you are interested in hosting a Cal Job Shadow Extern join the Berkeley Career Network and sign up here.