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Employer Services – On-Campus Interviews

The Career Center coordinates on-campus interviews for all undergraduates and most graduate students, except for a few professional programs. For specialized populations, including MBA and Law, refer to the list of recruiting contacts below.


During the academic semesters, representatives from your organization can utilize space at the Career Center to interview students for full-time positions and paid internships. OCI is available to employers across all sectors, but is commonly used by private industry in the areas of investment banking, consulting, finance, accounting, engineering, and high tech.

Fall OCI occurs from late August through mid November and Spring OCI occurs from late January through the end of April. View the Academic & Recruiting calendar for exact dates.

How OCI Works

    • Request interview date(s) via Handshake
    • Your date will be approved within 2-3 business days
    • Add your job(s) in Handshake and attach them to your interview schedule
    • Students apply for jobs during a specified time period
    • Manage applications and schedule interviews
      • You can use our pre-built schedules in Handshake to slot students in, or request ‘Room Only’ interviews, and schedule them on your own. We ask that you provide a printed copy of your schedule the day before you arrive, so we can be better prepared to check students in

*See below for FAQs

If you wish to customize the application deadline to align with your campus activities contact us.

Request an Interview Date

To request on-campus interview dates via Handshake:

Current Users: If you already have a Handshake account, request to connect with UC Berkeley and contact us to gain permission to request interview dates;

New Users: Go to the Handshake log in page to create an account. This Handshake article provides step-by-step instructions. Once your account has been approved, contact us to gain permission to request interview dates.

OCI Employer FAQs